May 2021 shoot at CMSC

Setup for the May 'gong' Shoot went well. With the help of Dee, Ted, Rick, Don, Bruce, and Jim, the support 'tubes' for the rebar to hold the target were installed at the 50', 25 and 50 yd lines.
Eleven gongs were placed along the lines, and with the steel target at 100 yds and the tie breaker target gave 26 shots.
Maria was in full force.  Must have followed us from Penrose.
Scores are as follows: Hits out of 26 shots
Ted B[P]: 21
Delores B[P]: 20
Bruce P[P]: 19
Tony H[F]: 19
Steve S[P]: 15
Tie broken with tie Bruce's breaker card being closer to center than Tony's.  [P]=percussion  [F]=flint